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Written by: Xunyatha | March 21, 2020

Welcome to our latest and greatest.

It's a new decade and with it Marks Oddysee's 6th birthday. It's been one hell of a ride and for those who have stuck it out with us thank you. This past year has been a quiet one as far as the community is concerned, however time is a constant and things rarely stay the same. Yet, here we persist.

To kick the silent blues and dust off the Oddysee coats we're coming back with a brand new website so that we can deliver our content and news even better. The website includes brand new revised security, better category management (so that you can get the news you want, when you want.) and did I mention? it is smoother. What more could you ask for from a website?

Oh, ease of navigation of course! In line with the category management we are working on improving our site map to ensure that it's easier to navigate to exactly what you're after, whether that be info about Star Citizen, our in house projects, other games we're playing or information about discord. All through our landing page or through the menu up the top left there.

Security improvements

For those of you who are interested in what goes on in the background there are two major upgrades that have occurred since our last website, those being we are now using an enhanced website management back-end (PLESK) which allows us to not only automate our HTTPS validation but utilize a whole suite of security offerings as part of the suite. This means utilization of server level ip-address banning, but also mod-security. Whilst our previous website had plenty of security in place to stop attacks know that our current website is even more secure than ever before!

Website Speed improvements

One of the key issues we faced with our previous site was the excessive load times, we've managed to cut out a lot of the extra junk that was slowing down the website whilst at the same time providing the same +more functionality as the previous website. All while on the same hardware, how impressive is that?



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